vineri, 15 martie 2013

Blow Women’s Mind Using Your Sense of Humor

All men enjoy being appreciated by women, especially when they try impressing them. In the past, men used to approach a lady differently because the human mentality opposed to the way of thinking people have today. In present, people appreciate more sense of humor, specifically when talking about relationships between men and women. In other words, when addressing a woman, men began using funniness, not only because they feel more comfortable when things aren’t so serious from the beginning, but also because it became obvious that women appreciate them more when they are amusing. This should not come as news for anybody because it is a well-known fact that women enjoy laughing and as a famous woman once said, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”(Marilyn Monroe)

Unfortunately, although most man finally understood that joyfulness is what attracts a woman, at first sight, the majority still don’t know how to express their feelings through a good joke. Some of them lack the sense of humor while other don’t have enough courage and confidence to use it properly.

There are many methods that can help a man highlight his sense of humor, but, at this moment, the best way to do that is through funny pick up lines. It might seem as a bad idea, when you first hear this but, the truth is that women are impressed by men who approach them with a couple of good cheesy pick up lines, especially if they are used correctly.

There's no better way to begin a good conversation with a woman than by complementing her without being too cheesy, and the best manner to do that is by using a couple of funny pick up lines. The trick is to choose the appropriate words in order to make it tasteful; otherwise you risk being just another guy trying to impress a woman but without succeeding. What I am trying to say is that there are many funny pick up lines that would definitely give you the chance to excite a woman, but at the same time, there is a big number of pick up lines that might make them feel uncomfortable. So, although this technique might seem simple at the first glance, men have to use it carefully in order to avoid rejections.

Tips and Tricks on How to Use Funny Pick Up Lines

Besides the fact that the funny pick up lines should be humorous and respectful, men should also pay attention to avoiding cliches. No woman is interested in hearing the same overused lines from all men who try to be amusing. Additionally, because sometimes pick up lines imply that you lack the intelligence or charm, all men who are interested in this method should use the smart ones. Finding the perfect pick up lines should not be a hard thing to do, because the internet is full of them. The difficulty is in choosing the right ones. Once the smart and funny pick up lines are chosen, all you need is a little confidence and, of course the amount of humor that will make you able to use the lines.

In addition to finding the perfect lines, in order to catch a woman’s attention, you also need the right time and place. No man shall approach a woman while she is in the company of men, or if she seems nervous or angry. The best time to start a conversation with a woman is when she is alone or with a group of girls. Regarding the places where this technique usually works, I can only say that it depends on you and on the kind of girls you like. You can address a woman in a bar or club because these are the places people go to have fun and meet others, but you can also approach ladies in the park, in a mall or wherever you find somebody you like, and you feel confident enough to begin a conversation.

Another useful advice for men who think about using cheesy pick up lines is not to feel less confident in case of failure. Keep in mind the fact that, although most women are attracted to funny men, not all of them have a great sense of humor. This means that even you do everything correctly, and your pick up lines are so good that they could blow many women’s mind, one of them might not find it that hilarious. Differently said, on the assumption that a woman might not appreciate your amazing sense of humor, don’t stop believing in yourself and move forward, because the next one might react differently.